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Toys Czar Us - trivia doll

Mr. History, also known as Mr. Trivia Buff, is one of Quackerjack's many toys. It is a talking doll with a vast database of information stored inside that comes out when his cord is pulled. It is easily in the Top 3 of Quackerjack's torture devices.


Mr. History is a pullstring talking doll created by Quackerjack. Mr. History is stored with historical facts it will share once activated. One stored fact known is: "In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was signed, nearly doubling the size of the country.", and the doll also holds information on the Industrial Revolution. "Toys Czar Us"

Mr. Trivia Buff looks identical to Mr. History, but has a higher voice and contains information on more than just history. Mr. Trivia Buff may be from a complementary line to Mr. History or be an updated version of Mr. History. Three recorded facts the doll possesses are known: "The longest recorded flight by a chicken is 302 feet and eight inches.", "The koala bear is not a bear at all, but a marsupial." and "The first written language was a system of pictographs created by the Sumerians.". "Quack of Ages"



Because the toy store owner refuses to stock Quackerjack's toys on account that they are dangerous, Quackerjack counters that his toys are merely misunderstood and sometimes even educational. At this, he brings out Mr. History, driving the store owner back in fear at the prospect of being exposed to history trivia. Fortunately for him, Darkwing Duck arrives after only one fact. "Toys Czar Us" Darkwing is himself exposed to the inhumanity of Mr. Trivia Buff when Quackerjack tries to draw out a confession that he is a warlock in medieval times. Darkwing resists, but it is too much for Launchpad, who writes out the confession for Darkwing. "Quack of Ages"