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Ghoul of My Dreams - Morgana's balloon

Morgana's balloon is a vehicle owned by Morgana Macawber. It's shaped like a giant spider with a basket hanging from one rope mimicking a silk thread. Because there's only one rope, which is attached to the center of the basket, the basket is not very stable.


The balloon is Morgana's only known object of transport, but she doesn't use it very often.



Morgana uses the balloon to get across St. Canard and reach people she has targeted for her sleep sand scheme. Darkwing intercepts her with the Thunderquack and takes the sand from her, but Archie tickles him in retaliation. Darkwing drops the bag and the sand is blown all over St. Canard. Morgana falls asleep too, but Darkwing makes sure she gets to her home Macawber Manor safely. "Ghoul of My Dreams"