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"Monsters R Us" is a season 3 episode of Darkwing Duck.


Darkwing visits Morgana's father's house and meets her family, who are upset to find out that she is dating a normal. Will Darkwing survive his visit with the Macawber family?



Moloculo: All right Macawbers, let's win one for the Grim Reaper.

Darkwolf: I'm ready for anything. What can a bunch of pitchfork toting yahoos possible do to Darkwolf Dog? (the villagers come over the hill with weapons, tanks, and bombers) Except bring about his untimely demise. Of course, I forgot about that one.

Darkwolf: Please keep in mind that burying your father could adversely affect your allowance.

Moloculo: Macawbers, we must make our ancestors proud. We must scream the impossible scream.

Darkwolf: I'll show those bratwurst munching yahoos they can't mess with Darkwing...Darkwolf.

Darkwolf: I've got a sudden urge to bite a mail man. Monster

Gosalyn: Oh yes. Check out the bolts in my neck! (she pulls out the bolts and her head falls off) Keen gear, I'm modular!

Darkwing: (open a door and bats fly out) Well, she's not in the batroom.

Morgana: (About Darkwolf) That conceited, arrogant, pig-headed... Gosalyn: Look, if you're that mad, why don't you just turn him into a water buffalo, or something? Morgana: No! I've got to make him see the wisdom of diplomacy! Gosalyn: Then turn him into a diplomatic water buffalo!

Darkwolf: Come on, guys. Time to work on our combat skills! Moloculo: Come, Macawbers. Time to brush up on our scare tactics! Morgana: Oooh, I'll convince them violence isn't the way if I have to kill them!

Darkwing: (As a werewolf) I am the terrier that yaps in the night. I am the schnauzer that digs up your petunias. I am Darkwolf Dog!

Moloculo: You know I don't approve of normals in my household, Morgana!

Darkwing: Hey-hey, I'm not normal!

Gosalyn: You can say that again!

Darkwolf: I think Morgana's upset.

Moloculo: You should have seen her when she was stood up for the prom.

Morgana: (To her father) You're trying to scare Darkwing away! Well I won't let you!

Darkwing: You should let your daughter choose her own company, she has impeccable taste.

Moloculo: What she needs is a nice ghoulish boy! only then will she find true happiness!

Darkwing: She doesn't want happiness, she wants me! That didn't sound quite right.

Moloculo: She does not want you, she wants the finer things in life! to settle down in a dark, stinking castle, and raise a family of little monsters.

Morgana: Actually, what I really want is-

Moloculo & Darkwing: BE QUIET!

Moloculo: I know what's best for my daughter, duck!

Darkwing: Well, I don't think you do, Zombie!





  • The cat is a nod to the Cheshire Cat, in which starred in Alice in Wonderland is a 1951 American animated musical fantasy-adventure film produced by Walt Disney Productions.