the dear future of darkwing duck

in the comic dubs Darkwing Duck Tale of infinity darkwings, every single darkwing does not have their Gosselin, yet they have their LaunchPad, in the timeline they also when Goslyn was going to die, quiverwing duck was made when he lost his kid, the only ones left is Nega verse Goslyn, and our hero's Goslyn, Darkwing duck no madder what he dose or change the past, they can never stop Goslyn from getting killed. In the time top epasdoe the three old darkwings cryed when they said goodbye, just out of knowing they too have already lost goslyn and don't care about going into the time top, witch Goslyn made them and there hearts beat, with love again, Goslyn was taken captive, they all came to save her, To let darkwing have his victory before he losses her. It is sad, but we would of all seen it happen sooner or latter

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