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Moloculo Macawber is the father of Morgana Macawber and head of the Macawbers living at Macawber Castle in Transylvania.

He was voiced by the late Jack Angel.



Moloculo is Morgana's father and the Patriarch of the family. Moloculo is prejudiced against Normals and Darkwing Duck in particular. He is an alumni of Eldritch Academy of Enchantment and, much like Morgana, tends to make a lot of mistakes with his spells (for example, attempting to turn spiders into demons only to get demon umbrellas).


Although Moloculo is a rather serious and ancient-looking monster, he can be immature and petty when it comes to the welfare of his daughter, and he does not approve of her choice in a boyfriend. He constantly picks on Darkwing and zaps him when Morgana isn't looking. He wishes Morgana would settle down with a "ghoulish" boy and raise a family of little monsters. He can be controlling at times but only wants what's best for his daughter.


He has one red eye on the right, green skin, black fingernails, white hair, and wears black clothes.

Powers and Abilities[]

He use his magic but he makes mistakes with his spells.



"Monsters R Us" "Hot Spells"

Moloculo supports Morgana while she is doing a thesis presentation about Warts and Boils at Eldritch Academy."Hot Spells"



  • Moloculo's name is a portmanteau of Moloch, a North African and Levantine god of ancient times, and "oculo" from "oculus", which is the Latin word for "eye".