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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Mbox/doc

-- This Module is used for making templates based in the Lua language.
-- See more details about Lua in [[Help:Lua]].
-- The Fandom Developer's Wiki hosts Global Lua Modules that can be imported and locally overridden.
-- The next line imports the Mbox module from the [[w:c:dev:Global Lua Modules]].
local Mbox = require('Dev:Mbox')
-- See more details about this module at [[w:c:dev:Global_Lua_Modules/Mbox]]
-- The imported Module is overwritten locally to include default styling.
-- For a more flexible Mbox experience, delete the function below and import 
-- https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/MediaWiki:Global_Lua_Modules/Mbox.css
-- or paste (and modify as you like) its contents in your wiki's 
-- [[MediaWiki:Wikia.css]] (see [[Help:Including_additional_CSS_and_JS]])
-- or look at https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/Global_Lua_Modules/Mbox
-- for more customization inspiration
-- The last line produces the output for the template

return Mbox