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Super Union Blues - Mister Wonderful

Mister Wonderful is a supervillain with the ability to stretch his body as if it were rubber. He is one of the few members of F.O.W.L. with superpowers, but the usefulness this grants him in the eyes of the organization pales compares to his knowledge of superhero workings and talent to manipulate them from within.

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Disney Adventures comics[]

Mister Wonderful pretends to be a high-level representative of the Super Power Union to gain control of various superheroes eager to sign up. This way, he tricks Screaming Mimi, Lenny, Monkey-Flash, and Gizmoduck. When he comes to St. Canard, Darkwing's characteristic dislike for sharing the spotlight spares him being lured in, but Mister Wonderful has no trouble presenting him as enemy of the union instead. "Super Union Blues"


  • Mister Wonderful is a reference to Mister Fantastic. His outfit is a near-match to the Marvel character's, he too leads three other superheroes, and like pre-2000 Mister Fantastic Mister Wonderful smokes a pipe.