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Sleep Ducking! - helmet and controller

The mind control helmet is an invention by Anna Matronic.


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The Disney Afternoon comics[]

It's coming down to finances whether or not Anna Matronic can complete her mind control helmet and so she and her three robo-hounds go out to rob the Canard Bank. They are thwarted by Darkwing and Launchpad and Matronic therefore has to content herself with inferior materials. She completes her helmet that night with assistance of Roy, a boy offered five bucks to serve science. A test round in which Matronic attempts to command Roy to smash a cake in his face fails. Rather than giving up, she renews her efforts. Roy is allowed to take a rest while Matronic searches for her aranda meter, which takes around five hours. Exasperated with her own neglectful laboratory maintenance, she exclaims the cake should be thrown in her face and Roy surprisingly obliges. Matronic deduces her helmet worked this time because the boy is asleep, thereby lessening his mental resistance. It's not ideal, but still useable. "Sleep Ducking!"