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Mertz is a distant, alien world populated by super powered humans instead of anthropomorphic animals . On Mertz, everyone possess incredible powers, except for Ordinary Guy. Comet Guy hails from Mertz.


Possibly before the series takes place, Ordinary Guy was protected by the superheroes of Mertz. In Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet, Comet Guy travels to Earth (which he has mistaken for the planet Flug) to become a champion. In Planet of the Capes, we are fully introduced to Mertz. We learn everyone on this planet is a human and has super powers, with the exception of Ordinary Guy. Ordinary Guy was temporarily replaced by Darkwing Duck. Ordinary Guy renamed himself "Extraordinary Guy", as he created a ray gun that can give strength and suck superpowers from superheroes.


Trivia =[]

  • It seems that having superpowers on this planet makes one a complete idiot in various degrees.
    • The entire populace of the planet want to be heroes; outright harassing Ordinary Guy by intentionally putting his life in danger, to save him.
      • It never occurred to them that if everyone has superpowers, there no need for heroes.
    • An exasperated Darkwing realizes that creating supervillains would improve Mertz; finding the inverse od Earth's issues mildly amusing.
    • Comet