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The Kitty Kat Kaper - Meddle doubts

Doctor Meddle is a scientist employed at the St. Canard Research Center. He is the "creator" of Fluffy, a once-regular cat he gave super-intelligence. While not ill-meaning, his missing sense of responsibility does provide fuel for trouble. He has a slight habit of asking people for their affirmation on a proposed course of action before he goes through with it.



As a scientist at the St. Canard Research Center, Meddle has access to a lot of resources. His area of expertise appears to be bioengineering or a similar field. His one known project is finding an efficient method to give sapience to animals. For this he had two test animals: a cat named Fluffy and a gorilla whose name is not given. Fluffy's procedure was finished first and the cat became a genius. In this state, he realized his situation and escaped to conquer St. Canard for cats. Upon Fluffy's capture and incarceration, Meddle was strongly advised to stop his project and he agreed. It's unknown how far he had come with the gorilla by that point and what happened to it.


Doctor Meddle is not quite the fuzzy, absentminded scientist archetype, but he comes close. Research is something he does because he can and because he's curious, not because he has a plan of use. He also doesn't concern himself with estimations of any possible consequences. And when those consequences inevitably catch up with him, he's slow to understand they're his fault and that what he did wrong is not something he should repeat.


Meddle is a parrot with a long beak, blue eyes, and abundant orange feathers. He's on the tall side of medium height and sturdy of build. He wears a yellow bow tie over a simple shirt and covers up in a lab coat.


Disney Adventures comics[]

Upon returning to work, Meddle finds his test subject, Fluffy, missing. There is a poorly typed ransom note for 8 million dollars present, however, so he contacts SHUSH for help. J. Gander Hooter hands the case to Darkwing Duck, who comes to the St. Canard Research Center with Launchpad to obtain the available clues. He runs out before Meddle can tell him what exactly his research with Fluffy entails. On the case, Darkwing figures out himself that Fluffy has been made a genius and, being evil and all, orchestrated his own abduction. He arrests the villain and returns to the St. Canard Research Center to give Meddle a good scolding for his choice of research. Meddle concedes that in hindsight it's not the best decision he's ever made and asks if he should abandon his work with the gorilla too then. Darkwing and Launchpad are clear that he should. "The Kitty Kat Kaper"

Joe Books comics[]

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"The Kitty Cat Caper!"