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The Darkest Night - Max

Max is the proud owner of Max's Diner, an eating establishment in St. Canard. He tries to adhere to business hours, but is flexible if there's someone really in need for a bite. He is a big fan of Darkwing Duck.



Max makes his living by managing a diner, appropriately named Max's Diner. It appears he is the only worker there, as he takes care of both the cooking and the cleaning.


Max is a cheerful, considerate and caring kind of guy who doesn't hide it when he admires someone.


As a plump duck with sandy feathers and green eyes, Max is gentle-looking fellow.



Max is busy cleaning up for the evening when Darkwing Duck enters the diner. As a fan and assuming the crimefighter to be hungry from all his work, he offers to stay open a little longer so Darkwing can get something to eat. Darkwing, who is actually an imposter, pulls a gun from under his cloak and makes off with the day's proceeds. "The Darkest Night"