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"Let's Get Fiscal!" is the first of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


One night at the laundromat, Darkwing Duck meets with Gryzlikoff, who presents to him a former F.O.W.L. accountant named Morris Beagleman. Beagleman explains that, due to a freak accident with an experimental duplicating ray, his calculator has the power to add, subtract, multiply, or divide anything in reality. Fearing the calculator being exploited by F.O.W.L., Beagleman has requested asylum with SHUSH, and Darkwing's assignment is to deliver him to SHUSH Central.

As Darkwing races through the streets of St. Canard in the Ratcatcher, F.O.W.L. Eggmen appear to intercept him and recapture Beagleman. With help from Beagleman's calculator to adjust the odds, Darkwing gives the goons the slip and he races on. He then ends up making a wrong turn and drives into a giant mechanical egg, which takes off into the sky.

Inside the egg, Darkwing and Beagleman are confronted by none other than Steelbeak, who takes the calculator and decides to play around with it for a bit before returning it to F.O.W.L.. He first multiplies Darkwing into two of him, which he quickly regrets and undoes, then divides Darkwing at his midsection. When he tries to subtract him from existence, however, the calculator backfires and zaps Steelbeak, shrinking him into a tiny tyrant. The threat over, Darkwing commandeers the egg and flies it to SHUSH Central to finish his assignment, while also asking Beagleman if he has any bandages to cover up his erased waist.

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