Dry Hard - La Grande Yuppe

La Grande Yuppe is either a luxurious hotel or a luxurious restaurant in St. Canard. It is visited solely by wealthy patrons.


La Grande Yuppe is a modern establishment set up in the 1980s or at most ten years prior to Darkwing Duck establishing himself as a crimefighter. It strives to provide its customers with a top-notch sumptuous experience.



Tom Lockjaw chooses La Grande Yuppe as the location for his report on the mysterious plague of bad-tasting water that has hit St. Canard at the same time as a heatwave. By pointing out that even the patrons there can't readily get drinkable water, which is emphasized by an interview with two women giving colorful descriptions of just how bad the water they got tasted, he illustrates the urgency of the situation. Dry Hard

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