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"Kung Fooled" is the sixty-fourth episode of Darkwing Duck.


Darkwing chases Moliarity to the Kung Pow City where he meets up with his old martial arts instructor, Goose Lee.



"At last I can call you a true Quack Foo warrior."
"You better call me a doctor instead."
- Goose Lee and Darkwing.

Goose Lee: Where did I go wrong? All I wanted to do was spread the wisdom of Quack Foo. Gosalyn: There, there. Don't beat yourself up. Let me do it!

Goose Lee: Oh great ancient dragon of Kung Pow, you are mine to command. Let me hear your fearsome roar! (the dragon talks like a baby) Huh?

Darkwing: Suck Gas, you ninja nincompoops!

Darkwing: (after being thrown around and smashed flat for the commercial shoot) So how'd I do, Master Lee? Goose Lee: Adequately, Grubworm. Now let's try it with film in the camera.

Darkwing: Once again the dauntless Darkwing Duck deftly defeats the demon's devious...uh...
Gosalyn: Deviltry.
Darkwing: Deviltry!

"Let's blow it up!"
"Let's blow it up, blow it up, blow it up! That's your solution to everything!"
"It worked when the sink was stopped up."
- Gosalyn and Darkwing.

Darkwing: I am the bubblegum that sticks in your hair.

Darkwing: I am the news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show.

I'm going to put out my own series of videos. Self Defense - The Darkwing Way.
Yeah, right Dad. Who would want to sit and watch you for half an hour.
- Darkwing and Gosalyn.

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  • While training, Darkwing's clothes switch from karateclothes to his costume, while he is tied up.