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"Kitchen Clean-Up" is the 01st of 13 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the The Disney Afternoon magazine.


When Darkwing Duck admires St. Canard set against the night sky from the security of Darkwing Tower, a casual remark by Gosalyn that involves calling him "dad" sets off an oration about the virtuous of secret identities. Just as he's done boring his daughter, a helicopter from FredEx arrives at the tower with a package. Gosalyn mocks her father for having mail orders sent to Darkwing Tower, but Darkwing insists he is innocent. He considers blowing up the suspicious package from a safe distance until Gosalyn starts tearing it open. Her loot consists of a can of peanuts, a jar of water, a flowerpot full of dirt, a lightbulb, and a mirror.

The two don't have to wonder what these objects have in common for long as, Quackerjack suddenly jumps out of the can. He makes Gosalyn trip into the table with the package's contents, knocking over the jar and the flowerpot from which respectively Liquidator and Bushroot emerge. Bushroot snatches the lightbulb from Darkwing and screws it into a lamp. This frees Megavolt from it as he enters the hideout. With all four Fearsome Five grunts out and about, they toss the confused hero the mirror in which Negaduck's countenance appears. He explains to Darkwing that he has "ears around the schoolyard" which overheard information on the base's whereabouts from Gosalyn. Darkwing is not impressed and challenges Negaduck to give it his best. Negaduck orders the Fearsome Five to initiate Plan W, which involves Bushroot throwing seeds at the duo and Liquidator watering them to create an ensnaring bush. The villains gloat about their victory as they investigate Darkwing Tower, leaving Darkwing free to give Gosalyn some instructions for his counterplan. They pretend that Gosalyn is hungry and berate the villains for letting a child starve. Predictably, the Fearsome Five could not care less. Darkwing continues his impromptu theatrics by lamenting how they'll die from lack of food with the refrigerator right next to them and describing in detail what all the delicacies inside are. The four villains present drool and make a dash for the refrigerator while Negaduck warns them it's most likely a trap. He wins terrain in the decision making process, prompting Darkwing to throw in some reverse psychology. He affirms that it could be a bad idea to open the fridge, provoking Negaduck to order it to be opened to avoid being of one mind with his archenemy.

Instead of tasty food, the hungry villains are avalanched by a disgusting green sludge. Now at an advantage, Darkwing frees himself and Gosalyn with a pair of hedge clippers he keeps in the utility pouch in his cape. The duo goes to work collecting the sludge and using it to force the Fearsome Five back into the small forms they used during infiltration. Sludge and villains are locked up in Burperware containers and repackaged to be returned to sender. As they post the package by S.N.A.I.L. Mail, Gosalyn asks what the sludge even was and Darkwing admits he doesn't know because it's been in there for so long.



"Privacy is a precious commodity to mysterious masked heroes! If we didn't have secret identities, we'd have to spend most of our time fending off fawning fans instead of doing daring deeds destabilizing disastrous devilty!"
"Puh-leeeze! Your dramatic license if about to expire!"
-Darkwing and Gosalyn
"I don't get it. I didn't order anything!"
"Whether you get it or not, you got it!"
-Darkwing and Gosalyn

"It's booby-trapped!"

"Hee Hee Haw Haw! And you're the booby!"

-Darkwing and Quackerjack

"Hey! Who? What? Where?"
"You forgot why!"
-Darkwing and Quackerjack
"It's times like this I'm glad my dad is a superhero!!"
"I wish I had something to be glad about!"
-Gosalyn and Darkwing

"I get such a charge out of seeing you!"


"How's that for a plot device? The whole thing was a plant! Har har har!"
"I love it when he talks like that!"
-Negaduck and Bushroot
"Real estate is the investment that never loses ground!"
"Now, now! What did I tell you guys about thinking for yourselves?"
"You idiots!! Don't you know better than to listen to me when I say something positive?"
— Negaduck





  • Quackerjack's color scheme is completely changed throughout the entire comic. He sports a green hat instead of the two-toned red and purple, a green collar instead of light blue, purple shoes instead of red, blue and purple sleeves, and yellow pants. His torso is also red instead of the dark purple color used in the cartoon, but miscolored to be purple on page 4
  • Negaduck's mask is yellow instead of black (Page 12)
  • Bushroot's eyes are colored inconsistently, black in most instances, but also green(Pages 6 and 10) and white (Pages 5 and 10)
  • When Bushroot steals the lightbulb from him, Darkwing's feathers are colored green (Page 5)
  • Megavolt's face is miscolored to be yellow, (Page 5) And his nose is the same color as his face (Page 11)
  • Gosalyn's face is the same color as her bill when she fake-cries (Page 9)
  • Negaduck's hat is yellow instead of the usual red throughout
  • Quackerjack's arm has Megavolt's colors (Page 10)
  • Liquidator is white instead of blue throughout the entire comic


  • The Fearsome Five discover Darkwing Tower in this story, a feat they don't accomplish in the broader canon until Negaduck deduces Darkwing's identity in "The Duck Knight Returns". Unlike here, the Boom! Studios comics have him keep the knowledge secret from the others
  • It appears that Megavolt and Bushroot's playmates figurines were referenced for their color schemes
  • It is feasible that Liquidator and Bushroot smuggle themselves into Darkwing Tower in the way they do (via a pot of soil and a bottle of water). Megavolt's usual powers do not include becoming energy, but he's acquired it in a few instances in the show. How Quackerjack is supposed to fit inside a can of peanuts is unknown
  • Negaduck's mirror-walkie-talkie could be a number of things; potentially a transdimensional communicator, but it is not explained

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