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Madame Kira is a seer who makes a living giving people information only someone with her talents has access too. Or that's what the signs outside Madame Kira's House of Psychic Readings still say. The present situation is that Kira has found it more profitable to use her powers to bet on sports and that she doesn't have the standards to commit to her customers not yet aware of this.



Boom Studios 13 - House of Psychic Readings

Kira operates her business under the name Madame Kira's House of Psychic Readings. Through signs in front of her house, she advertises herself as skilled in aura reading, contacting the dead, tarot reading, and fortune-telling. What the signs don't say is that she doesn't return money to unsatisfied customers and only cares about hew own gain in the transaction. As long as she has other resources, she's fine with customers walking out never to come back.

As a sports fan, one of Kira's alternative resources is using her future-sight to make profitable bets. It's a steady income that has the benefit of being more entertaining than one-on-one seer work. One of her favorite sporters is the honkball player Carmichael Q. Anthony, whom she's sad to see lose his touch.


There might be a lot of fancy magic-looking objects in Kira's office and they might serve a purpose, but Kira's in the whole seer business for one earthy reason: cash. She doesn't feel obliged to break any bad news gently or to prioritize her customers over her other practices.


Kira is a plump and white-feathered duck dressed up in stereotypical mystic wear. Her look is finished with golden jewelry and an eye brooch on her shawl that opens and closes along with the eyes on her face.


Boom! Studios comics[]

The entire mystic community, which would include Kira, is experiencing a collective panic over the rise of Duckthulhu. "F.O.W.L. Disposition, Part 2" With Morgana Macawber lost during the fight with Duckthulhu, Launchpad McQuack takes Darkwing Duck from one mystic to another in hopes that one of them can sense Morgana's fate or whereabouts. Madame Kira is mystic #45. She first tries to sense Morgana through Archie, Eek and Squeak, but they're done being manhandles and bite her. The second method she turns to is crystal ball gazing, but in her search she gets sidetracked by a honkball game. It doesn't occur to the heroes that Kira isn't talking about Morgana coming home but about a homerun until she happily shouts about the 55 bucks she's won. They leave in worse spirits than they came, but Kira's indifferent about it. "Campaign Carnage, Part 1"

Joe Books comics[]

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"Campaign Carnage, Part 1"