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Cat in a Hot Tin Suit - King of the Sea

King of the Sea is a brand of canned fish. It has at least one canning factory in St. Canard, but it's been abandoned. At one point, it was the hideout of Fluffy.


The King of the Sea canning factory in St. Canard is located right next to Audubon Bay. When Fluffy used it as base of operations, he renamed it the King of the City building.


Disney Adventures comics[]

After his escape from jail, Fluffy reforms his gang of regular cats and makes the abandoned King of the Sea canning factory their hideout. He holds his meetings in preparation of the St. Canard takeover, but is frustrated none of his minions understand him. They do, however, understand him enough to follow his instructions to steal all tuna cans in the city and bring them to the hideout. Fluffy uses the metal to construct himself a super-suit, with allows him to defeat Darkwing Duck and take control of St. Canard. At this point, he abandons the canning factory and moves his base of operations to Le Posh. "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit" Fluffy makes the abandoned factory his hideout once more after his release from jail. It is there he reunites his minions once more and develops the flee powder. "Fluffy's Reign of Terror!"


Cat in a Hot Tin Suit DC - King of the Sea logo
  • King of the Sea has no logo in the published comic, but Doug Gray posted a "director's cut" of "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit" online in 2011 that does feature a logo for the company. Curiously, it reads "King of the Seas" instead of "King of the Sea". Gray did not adjust the name elsewhere in the director's cut, so "King of the Sea" would appear to be the correct name.