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KRYM is a radio station in St. Canard that operates under the slogan: "All Crime All the Time". It both reports on crimes being committed and broadcasts reflective programs on crime.


In a city like St. Canard, a radio station like KRYM is not a surprise. As its slogan, "All Crime All the Time", promises, its program is exclusively filled with crime-related programs, such as America's Funniest Misdemeanors. Darkwing Duck is a listener and uses the radio station to complement his D.R.A.T..



After the D.R.A.T. detects a crime in progress but fails to report any further details, Darkwing gets out the radio and tunes in to KRYM. Thanks to the radio station, he learns that Bushroot is robbing the botanical research lab on Fliegel Street. "Slime Okay, You're Okay" With the D.R.A.T. mysteriously gone along with all his other equipment, Darkwing relies on KRYM to tell him where to go. The radio station informs him of a break-in at the Museum of Really Expensive Things. "Dirtysomething"