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Justice Ducks is a The Disney Afternoon series that was proposed but never greenlighted for production. It is a spinoff of or sequel to Darkwing Duck and would've starred Darkwing Duck, Gizmoduck, the Rubber Chicken, and several other superheroes fighting crime worldwide as the Justice Ducks.


It is unknown when Justice Ducks was proposed as a series, but the logical period would be shortly after 1992, which is the year when the third season of Darkwing Duck was in production and aired. In this season, there were two minor attempts to expand the hero lineup, namely in "Mutantcy on the Bouncy" and "Clash Reunion". The first introduces Rubber Chicken, a proposed cast member of Justice Ducks, and the second makes mention of Captain Protozoa and Sponge Boy as acquaintances of Darkwing. This development may have been part of the inspiration for Justice Ducks.

The main cast of Justice Ducks was proposed to consist of Darkwing Duck, Gizmoduck, the aforementioned Rubber Chicken, and two new faces: Muck-Draker, a large swamp creature evidently inspired by Swamp Thing, and the Duckhunter, a regular duck in the possession of advanced weapons and other technology with possibly some basis in Kraven the Hunter. Additional and alternative team members pitched are the Quacketeer, a jetpack-using hero a la the Rocketeer, Duckazoid, a robotic alien, Dr. Strangeduck, a superhero with magic powers like Doctor Strange, Thunder Duck, a medieval master of lightning whose idea probably comes from Thor, Major Mallard, an army guy, and Flashquack, a Flash-inspired speedy superhero. The team would have fought evildoers on a planetary scale.

The team takes its name from the Justice Ducks as they appeared in "Just Us Justice Ducks". This means that Morgana Macawber, Neptunia, and Stegmutt would've been removed or only have been peripheral members. As per the few pieces of art produced, Rubber Chicken would've gotten a redesign to reduce his comedic element. Of lesser note is that technically "a Quacketeer" did find their way into the Darkwing Duck setting: the 1995 Disney Adventures comic "Mondo: The Mad Mask Misappropriator" features an aging superhero designed after the Rocketeer.

Because Justice Ducks never went beyond the pitch, what is known about it does not fully reflect what it would've been had it been produced. For instance, the proposed enemies for the Justice Ducks to fight are all recycled from Darkwing Duck, and do not include DuckTales villains, despite Gizmoduck's involvement or new villains despite the new heroes. It is unlikely that any potential show that could've come out of the pitch would've utilized such a biased and limited rogues gallery. Equally, while most proposed heroes don't have their gender mentioned, the suggested main cast all appear to be men and this impression is also present among the alternative six due to the male inspirations. There would've definitely been at least one female protagonist in a produced series.[1]