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High Wave Robbery - Rockefeather and guards

Joan D. Rockefeather is one of the rich of St. Canard. She owns the luxurious Rockefeather Mansion, in which she has made room for an art gallery just for herself.

She was voiced by the late Linda Gary.



What Rockefeather owns her fortune to is unknown, but odds are she's a business woman. She likes to collect and admire art.


Joan D. Rockefeather is collected most of the time. An exception would be when she'd lose her paintings.


Rockefeather is a sturdy and yellow-feathered duck of medium height. She wears glasses and purple dress with pearl necklace. She has no hair.



Joan D. Rockefeather is admiring her Mooselangelo in her personal art gallery inside her home when three crooks arrive. Neither she nor her guards can do anything when the criminals activate their sound machine. It produces a hair-raising high pitch that knocks the awareness right out of the civilians, allowing the criminals to take Rockefeather's paintings at their leisure. Rockefeather stays in this trance-like state until Darkwing arrives and awakens her with his lunch: egg salad and blue cheese. Unfortunately, she can't help the crimefighter solve the case as the last thing she remembers is looking at her paintings. "High Wave Robbery"