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Winky the Clown: The Mystic Eye of Quackzalcoatl.This enigmatic gem is said to have the power to steal the strength of any living being. Feared and coveted for centuries, The Mystic Eye is now on display at the Museum of Winky the Clown. Come see it and get a free Winky the Clown Cat Polisher! [Incoherent speech]

Launchpad McQuack: Whoa, DW. This Mystic Eye must be really important! Winky the Clown doesn't make personal appearences unless it's something big.

Darkwing Duck: I'm the King of Crimebusting, The Duke of Detection!

(Darkwing walks by the Fearsome Five as they pose like a statue)

Darkwing Duck: Nothing escapes my eagle eye. Not even the most minuscule... (notices the Fearsome Five) Hey, how ya doin', guys? (back to monologuing) Not even the most minuscule de- Guys?! It's the Fearsome Five!

Negaduck: Well, whaddaya know! It can count.

Darkwing Duck: Unhand that priceless gem.

Negaduck: Megavolt! Bushroot! Cash this do-gooder's check!

Megavolt: I'm a little low on cash. Mind if I charge it?

Liquidator: Are you stressed? Tired of the pitfalls of being a hero? What you need is an all-expense-paid trip to oblivion!

Darkwing Duck: New and improved burglar in a bottle.

Liquidator: Look, fellas! Another fine inmate brought to you by the St. Canard police force. When it comes to nabbing hoods, they've got the goods.

Megavolt: Say, you look familiar.

Darkwing Duck: (in disguise) But of course I look familiar. I'm Demolition Duck over here. The mighty mallard menace. Champion of chicanery. Vanguard of villainy.

Bushroot: He's so arrogant.

Liquidator: So one hundred percent egotistical.

Megavolt: He's so pretentious.

Quackerjack: So...oooh...squingly!

Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack, and Liquidator: He must be.....Darkwing Duck!

Megavolt: Zap him!

Bushroot: Mulch him!

Liquidator: Slice him and dice him!

Quackerjack: Tickle him to death! (laughing)

Bushroot: This can't be Darkwing Duck. He would have called me mean names like Bushbrain and Melonhead.

Megavolt: I think Bushbrain is right.

Quackerjack: Yeah! Good thinking, Melonhead!

Bushroot: Yeah, takes one to know one.