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J. Gander Hooter's secretary is a woman in the employ of SHUSH as the secretary of its director, J. Gander Hooter. This means that just sometimes, when he chooses not to come through the window, she has Darkwing Duck and all of his theatrics passing through. Those days are tough on her.

She is voiced by Mitzi McCall.



The secretary is one of the administrative workers at the Form Fan Club known as SHUSH. Specifically, she is the secretary of J. Gander Hooter, the director.


The secretary is not a fan of peacockery and does not much care for who she is dealing with as long as she can verify they have an appointment or not.


There is nothing known about what the secretary looks like.



Darkwing Duck visits SHUSH Central to talk with J. Gander Hooter about the current case. The secretary stops him to ask for an appointment. Indignant, Darkwing does his intro routine, smoke and all. When the secretary starts coughing, he does apologize. "Dirty Money"