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"Inversionary Tactics" is the 19th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


One dark and stormy night, Megavolt is busy professing his emotions to the single greatest love of his life: a giant billboard for Mocha Cola. As he reaches out to touch the billboard, a lightning bolt strikes it and the voltage goes right into Megavolt. When he comes to, he sees Darkwing Duck and Launchpad preparing to confront him, but his efforts to trash-talk them comes out as indecipherable gibberish. When Launchpad gets struck by one of Megavolt's electrical blasts, he too is unable to speak clearly, and Darkwing realizes that they're now both speaking backwards.

As Darkwing works with SHUSH to try and reverse the effects, Megavolt goes on a rampage with his new power and renders many of St. Canard's citizens unable to speak in the proper direction. Eventually, he tries to zap the Mayor himself, but the Mayor instead gives Megavolt a recorded tape claiming that the billboard he admires has been taken down and held for ransom. The lovestruck villain runs all the way to where Darkwing and SHUSH have set up a laser that restores Megavolt's speech to normal with a single zap. With the source of the problem taken care of, Darkwing aims it at Launchpad next despite the sidekick's protests, and Megavolt assures him that it doesn't hurt... much.

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  • The first half of this story was reprinted in Disney Adventures #17-08 in 2007, retitled "Power Play!". However, the second half of the story was not reprinted in the next issue, despite a caption being added to the bottom of the fourth page promising the conclusion's appearance.

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