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"Inside Binkie's Brain" is an episode of Darkwing Duck.


Binkie gets a turn to be the hero, as the Canardian Guardian.


Binkie is helping Herb clean up the yard when she opens the storage shed and has a bowling ball hit her in the head and releasing her "little hero." She begins her quest as the Canardian Guardian and her motto is "safety first." She goes around town doing various things to try and make it safe and usually ends up causing a catastrophe.

Darkwing is trying to catch Megavolt and the Canardian Guardian gets in the way and Megavolt escapes. Darkwing travels around with Binkie to try and keep her from getting hurt and they find Megavolt at the power plant outside town with all the light bulbs he has taken. Darkwing tries to use a glue bomb from his gas gun, but Binkie points it skyward and it lands and glues Darkwing, Launchpad and Megavolt. The St. Canardian Guardian gets shocked and now she is just Binkie. Megavolt then tries to overload and blow up the plant and Binkie pulls the plug in the nick of time.

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"That's the trouble with being a villain. The hero always has to win!"
- Megavolt has another rough day.
"In a few seconds, this plant is going to blow up like...Like...Like...Oh, I don't know, like something really big blowing up."
- Megavolt does not do words well.
"That lady in the cape almost killed us. You're supposed to protect the city from people like that!
" I know, I know. I'm sorry. I tried to stop her before but she...Wait a minute! You're the villain! I'm not supposed to apologize to you! I'm supposed to smash you!"
- Megavolt and Darkwing on the Canardian Guardian

Canardian Guardian: Toodles. Off to smash hazards. Darkwing: This is horrible! Launchpad: Yuck! You're not kidding, DW. Red and white are just not her colors.

Darkwing: I know what you're going to ask. What happens to all this when that bowling ball hits? Launchpad: Well actually I was going to ask what's for lunch...

Herb: Thanks Binkster. Would have been a darn shame to burn down the house again.

Darkwing Duck: (Narrating) We caught up with Megavolt in......the bad part of town. Yes, the bad part of town. Where the sun never shines, where brutality is a way of life. And where....well, people are just.....they're not really nice people at all. Really.

Darkwing Duck: I am the burnt-out bulb you cannot reach. I am Darkwing Duck! Megavolt: Get ready to be Deadmeat Duck!

(Darkwing Duck and Lauchpad are exploring Launchpad's brain) Launchpad: Careful in here, DW, there are some screws loose.



  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Dr. Slug.
  • This episode marks the first time Binkie appears as the Canardian Guardian.


  • In the last scene, Binkie's helmet is yellow instead of white.