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Heavy Mental


Darkwing Duck: You and your volunteering! Now, we’ll barely make it to the video store on time.

Launchpad McQuack: But it was on our way home.

Darkwing Duck: No, Launchpad the video king is on our way home. A secret SHUSH lab in the Swiss Alps is not on our home.

J. Gander Hooter: Oh, my package from SHUSH Central. Thank you, Lawnchair.

Launchpad McQuack: Uh, that’s Launchpad.

J. Gander Hooter: One could drown in paperwork without one of these babies to keep it in line.

Darkwing Duck: A stapler? We flew halfway around the world to deliver a stapler?

J. Gander Hooter:

Darkwing Duck:

Launchpad McQuack:

Major Synapse: Troops?! You call these troops? Troops wear uniforms! Troops are disciplined! Troops kill things!"

F.O.W.L. High Command: Troops also perish when they're marched into erupting volcanoes."

Major Synapse: It was, uh, necessary. We had to secure that volcano.

Major Synapse: Results? They're not even good enough for luaus and birthday parties!