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Inherit the Wimp - Hamburger Hippo chef

The Hamburger Hippo chef is the manager of one of the many Hamburger Hippo outlets in St. Canard.



The chef owns the Hamburger Hippo restaurant located inside the mall.


There is nothing known about what the chef is like.


The chef is a sturdy dog with brown hair and blue pupils. For her work, she wears a uniform but not the Hamburger Hippo cap.



The chef is at work when Megavolt petrifies everyone in the mall with his nervous energy drainer. She too falls victim. When Gosalyn, Darkwing, Webwoof the Barbarian, Sir Quackmire Mallard, and Sherrif Quack Mallardson drop by for a bite, they help themselves and leave the money in the petrified woman's hands. Inherit the Wimp

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