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Granny Whammy is not bad per se, but morals are for people who don't recognize a good business opportunity, and she's not one to let money get away that easily. For the right price, she has a large assortment of potions and powders to offer for a myriad of purposes. And for free, she will use that same assortment on people that don't pay timely or that outright try to bamboozle her. Granny Whammy loves a good joke from time to time, preferably if she can make another the butt of it. She also loves her family, including her grandson Jambalaya Jake, but no member of it is safe from her humor or the matter of payment if they need her help.

She was voiced by the late Billie Hayes.



Though Granny Whammy lives alone in the bayou these days, she once ran a larger household. Jambalaya Jake is eager to be her favorite grandchild, meaning there are more than one, but whether the other ones are his siblings or cousins is unclear. She makes a living by selling her concoctions for a steep but fair price to people who know where to find her.


Granny Whammy is a witch with a lifetime of experience. Few things intimidate her anymore and sentimentalities she has thrown overboard a long time ago. She does love her family and enjoys their visits, but she doesn't have the patience to deal with buffoonery or lack of common sense at her expense even from them. She's not above physical violence, but prefers to let others do the dirty work. With her powers and proactive attitude, she easily stays on top of any given situation and she delights in it. Her sense of humor, which tends to have a victim, is strongly tied to this.


Granny is a very short, grey-haired woman who despite her old age is still as lively as ever. She has long, pointy fingernails and wears a pink dress.



Granny Whammy provides Jambalaya Jake with a hex powder that he can use to put Darkwing Duck under his command. Despite Jake's hope it's a family favor, she makes it clear he is to pay her 10.000 bucks or she'll take Gumbo. Jake knows she means business and is periodically reminded of his debt, but still he spends the money he gets out of heists on himself. Granny Whammy travels to St. Canard eventually to collect in person, ruining Jake's shot at getting rid of Darkwing permanently. Jake panics when he doesn't have the money, but Gumbo was smart enough to stash some away to save himself. Granny Whammy considers the debt settled, but doesn't forgive Jake for being a dishonest customer. She undoes the spell Jake accidentally placed on Launchpad McQuack and lets him and Darkwing deal with her grandson for her. "Double Darkwings"