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Time and Punishment - Gosalyn lookalike

The Gosalyn lookalike has some notable similarities to Gosalyn Mallard that at a first glance make it difficult to distinguish between them.



The girl is a citizen of St. Canard and, being the same age as Gosalyn Mallard, goes to the same school. She has a favorite doll she likes to carry with her.


The girls isn't much of a fighter, but she doesn't let anyone just take her stuff from her.


The girl's a dog with short red hair done up in two high pigtails and she dresses in purples and pinks.



The girl was playing with her doll when some guy came up and pulled it from her grasp. He would've destroyed it if not for the sudden appearance of Darkwing Duck, who's mistaking the girl for Gosalyn. Only when he returns the doll to her does he realizes his error, but her gratitude knocks him out of his desperation over the disappearance of his daughter and back into the crimefighting business. Though because Gosalyn went back in time to undo her disappearance, this never happened. "Time and Punishment"