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Gooney Golf is a miniature golf course located in St. Canard. Its owner and sole registered worker is Lilliput, but he gets help from the local ants in return for food and other luxuries. The admission house doubles as his hideout.


Goony Golf is — or was — owned and operated by Lilliput, who may have bought it from a previous owner or created it himself. It is a sole patch of green amidst a city landscape. It appears to have been doing decently as a legal business. It is unknown what happened to Goony Golf after Lilliput was arrested.



Upon inventing the size gun and ant helmet, Lilliput conceives of a scheme to turn all buildings in St. Canard tiny to serve as decoration at Goony Golf and homes for his ants. With his mini-minions, he steals a sizeable part of St. Canard in one night's time. One of the stolen structures is a Hamburger Hippo joint, which Darkwing Duck takes as his case. He fails to find anything that evening, though, and goes home. Lilliput works all night to get as much of his new decor set up at Goony Golf so that next day it's there for the customers and he can focus on retrieving the valuables inside. Coincidentally, the next day Drake Mallard takes Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker to Goony Golf for a day out. Drake gets separated and finds the now-miniature Hamburger Hippo outlet, which he recognizes as the one from last night because a miniature version of Launchpad's scarf he lost back then is draped over one of the stools. He gets into his Darkwing outfit, but is shot by Lilliput with the size ray. The villain sics a few of his ants on Darkwing while he goes back to overseeing the proper placement of the rest of his acquisitions. When the ants report they failed, he gives them miniature carts to go after the crimefighter, but it doesn't make much difference. Darkwing discovers Lilliput is behind the stolen buildings and manages to get back to his team. Together, they confront Lilliput and his ants at the admission house. While the team fights and defeats the ants with cola, Darkwing is further shrunken to germ size. Down but not out, he makes Lilliput sick and with Gosalyn's help returns to normal size when Lilliput sneezes him out. "Getting Antsy"


  • Disney Afternoon contemporary series Goof Troop likewise featured a Goony Golf miniature golf course belonging to its own setting, the town of Spoonerville, in the episodes "To Heir is Human" and "Tee For Two". As both Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop have been linked together via such things as "The Legend of the Chaos God" comic crossover, the existence of two Goony Golf courses in both St. Canard and Spoonerville suggests the golf course to be a chain, or at least owned by the same parent company (that is, unless Lilliput bought the one in St. Canard for himself).