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The Golden Goose is an elderly superhero.



The Golden Goose is past his superhero days, but he still has worthwhile information to provide the current generation.


Experience and age have made the Golden Goose a wise man. He takes pride in opportunities to share his wisdom.


There is nothing known about what the Golden Goose looks like.


  • Ian Brill's words on Golden Goose are: "Another idea I have is an older Golden Age hero, The Golden Goose, that explains the Dark Matter. He explains how it used to give St. Canard citizens superpowers and made the town the place for superheroes, sort of explaining why St. Canard has a reputation for superheroes while the rest of the Disneyverse doesn't. The Golden Goose's look should be influenced by Golden Age character like Mr. Terrific, Hourman, and Starman. Stuff that would only look good when superheroes first started. He can kind of be like an Obi-Wan character."[1] It's not known why he did not show up in "Campaign Carnage", but as the ink was not dealt with within the arc, it's possible he was kept for later. With Boom! Studios losing the license, later never came.
  • The Golden Age of Comic Books lasted from about 1935 to 1955. This makes the Golden Goose, as a superhero mentor figure, a coincidental revisit of a scrapped idea for the original cartoon series. As per the words of Tad Stones, "Some early discussions had Darkwing be the decendant of a 1930's hero but we felt it was more interesting to kids to be the original."[2]
  • The Golden Goose would also fit well with the elderly superheroes shown in "Mondo: The Mad Mask Misappropriator".