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The good Girdists

The Giridsts (also known as the Girdist Revolutionaries "Battle of the Brainteasers" and the Girdist Regime "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!" before and after dethroning Flarg, respectively) are inhabitants of the planet Fez and of the same species of living hats as the Brainteasers. Led by Klaatu II, the Girdists opposed Flarg's rule and sought to overthrow him, succeeding after Honker Muddlefoot foiled Flarg's plan to take over the Earth.

Like the Brainteasers, the Girdists can take over the bodies of other life forms to act as hosts by sitting atop their heads. However, in recognition of how unethical and impractical it is to force other species into mind-controlled states, they have developed artificial bodies to serve the same purpose.



"Battle of the Brainteasers" "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!"