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Ghoul of My Dreams


(Darkwing Duck was running away)

Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the weirdo who sit next to you on the bus. I am the Swan Prince?

Morgana Macawber: Dark, darling, are you alright?

Darkwing Duck: Morgana Macawber! At last, you given up your wicked ways. From now on it’ll be the two of us. Fighting crime happily ever after.

Launchpad McQuack: Yuck, do we have to go in there? This place gives me the creeps! And besides you know how to get around her.

Darkwing Duck: Don’t be ridiculous, Morgana’s just another common criminal to me and nothing more.

(Inside Macawber Manor, Morgana was petting her spider named Archie when all the sudden she heard a loud thump when her bats Eek and Squeak drop the safe on the floor.)

Morgana Macawber: Eek? Squeak? back so soon?

Eek and Squeak: screeching like bats (Eek and Squeak telling their owner that Darkwing Duck followed them)

Morgana Macawber: What do you mean Darkwing Duck followed you? Oh, dear! What am I gonna do? I can’t let him see me like this! (Archie put lipstick on Morgana’s lips and put face powder on her face) Thank you Archie. Eek and Squeak be quick! Hide what you stolen from the sleepwalkers! (Eek and Squeak use a white cover to cover up the stolen items) Very nice, my little pets.

Darkwing Duck: Launchpad it’s only a house it’s not gonna bite you.

Morgana Macawber: Ah, Dark. This is a surprise. What brings you to Macawber Manor?

Darkwing Duck: Hello Morgana well we were just driving by and thought I…Oh I mean we’re investigating a crime spree and you’re a prime seductive Uh, suspect.

Morgana Macawber: Oh, Dark, I missed you. You know, I was hoping you’d kiss me before you woke up.

Darkwing Duck: Well, I would have, but I… Say, wait a minute, that was my dream!

Morgana Macawber: Um, yes. It’s been my dream too. I always wanted to kiss you.

(Morgana kisses Darkwing hard enough to make him forget his suspicions on her.)

Morgana Macawber: Come on. we’d better Dream Land before Darkwing figures out what we’re up to.

(Morgana and her

Morgana Macawber: Nodoff! Nodoff, where are-Oh, Nodoff, you startled me.

Nodoff: So sorry, your beautifulness. Might be something I can do for you?

Morgana Macawber: I need more Sleep Sand.

Nodoff: Of course, but why? Be there something wrong, my lovely?

Morgana Macawber: I may have to stop this scheme sooner than I thought. Darkwing Duck is asking questions.

Nodoff: Worry not about that dimwitted duck. I will destroy him.

Morgana Macawber: No! You are not to harm one feather on Darkwing's head and that's in order.

Nodoff: Order? Hm we'll see who gives orders in Dream World.

Darkwing Duck: What's going on here? Where am I?

Nodoff: I am the terror that flaps in the night.

Darkwing Duck: Hey-hey-hey-hey! I'm supposed to say that.

Nodoff: Ah, but things never happen the way're supposed to in Dream World.

Darkwing Duck: Dream World hah and who are you? The Sandman?

Nodoff: That's a good one. I am Nodoff, ruler of Dream World. And you woke my sleeping servants.

Darkwing Duck: So you're the noxious nighttime nuisance behind St. Canard's slee of slumber time stickups.

Nodoff: Yes and soon the whole city will sleep.

Darkwing Duck: Not when I’m around.

Nodoff: Oh

Darkwing Duck:


Boriscowski: Drake Mallard! What are you doing out of your seat, young man?

Darkwing Duck: Miss Boriscowski? What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since third grade.

Boriscowski: Come along, Drakey. Nap time is over. You got a test to take.

Darkwing Duck: A test?


Morgana Macawber: Nodoff, I'm afraid my supply of Sleep sand has been lost.

Nodoff: Yes. And I know who found it.

Morgana Macawber: Darkwing!

Darkwing Duck: Morgana. Don't tell me you're working for this slumber-land sicko.

Morgana Macawber: No, of course not. He, uh, well, he's working for me.

Nodoff: Right you are! And I've been working on something special. Super sleep sand! All of St. Canard will be put to sleep.

Darkwing Duck: In your dreams, buster.

Nodoff: And you need not worry about your meddling friend interfering.

Darkwing Duck: You're not listening to this puny pedal-pushing pinhead, are you?

Morgana Macawber: Forgive me, Dark, but I can’t have you getting in the way. (About Darkwing) Keep him here until I'm finished. But don't hurt him.

Nodoff: Ooh, you have my word, oh compassionate one. (Morgana leaves) Lucky for me, I never keep my word!

Darkwing Duck:

Launchpad McQuack:

Darkwing Duck:

Morgana Macawber: Target is in sight. And now with the city asleep, I'll finally be able to steal enough money to pay off my student loans!

Darkwing Duck: Sorry, Morgana