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Getting Antsy


Darkwing Duck: Six burglars, nine car thieves, twenty-one muggers, eleven kidnappers, five international terrorists, and a voodoo king with an army of zombies. Boy, for such a slow night, I sure am pooped.

Launchpad McQuack: Aw, that was the last of the candy corn chips. What do you say we stop off for a burger or theee, D.W.?

Darkwing Duck: How can you possibly be hungry? You’ve been eating all night.

Launchpad McQuack: Hey, you burn a lot of calories thwarting evil.

Darkwing Duck: Fine. Lovely. I bet Tonto never made Lone Ranger stop for burgers. Did I just see? Wasn’t there just… Nah. Boy, am I one tired champion of righteousness or what?

(Darkwing and Launchpad are at Hamburger Hippo)

Hamburger Hippo cook: Don’t shoot. The cash is in the register.

Darkwing Duck: (laughs) Don’t let the mask fool you. I am Darkwing Duck, protector of the innocent, defender of…

Hamburger Hippo cook: You’re not a robber.

Darkwing Duck: Correct, I am not a robber.

Hamburger Hippo cook: You’re just some weirdo in a mask.

Darkwing Duck: Correct. I am just some weirdo in a mask. Hey!

Hamburger Hippo cook: you gonna order?

Darkwing Duck: But I’m…

Launchpad McQuack: I’ll have two cheese-food products burgers with fries, one hippo shake, and an apple-flavored pie substitute. How about you, D.W?

Darkwing Duck: A new sidekick, perhaps?

Hamburger Hippo cook: That’s $6.92. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

Launchpad McQuack: Can you get this one, D.W.? My hands are kinda full. Whoa Don’t want to spill any artificial additives on my lucky scarf. Oh, tasty. Can I have an extra… burger to go?

Darkwing Duck: Talk about fast food. Finally, our bleary-eyed bastion of bravery and bravado heads home to warm bed, soft pillow, blue blankie, and-

Launchpad McQuack:

Gosalyn Mallard:

Darkwing Duck:

Gosalyn Mallard: Did you forget?

Darkwing Duck: I never forget. But, just out of curiosity, which of the many things l haven't forgotten are you referring to?

Gosalyn Mallard:

Darkwing Duck: