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The gas gun is a special gun developed by SHUSH and used by Darkwing Duck in his battle against crime. Armed with gas and tear grenades, it also launches a grapple hook.


Darkwing Duck's gas gun is a specially designed firearm whose ammo consists of different types of gas, including knockout gas, as well as tear grenades. It is also equipped with a grapple hook which enables him to get to high places and avoid danger. It was given to him by SHUSH. "Playmates Toys files"

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In a battle with Ammonia Pine, the gas gun

Time and Punishment - Darkwarrior gas gun

Darkwarrior's new gun in Time and Punishment.

becomes soaked. Rather than the sleeping gas ammo being shot out, it drifts out in a soap bubble. Ammonia simply blows it back, causing it to hit Launchpad and make him snooze off. Later, Darkwing tries to escape Ammonia's giant vacuum cleaner with the grappling hook, but the rope breaks. "Dirty Money" The gas gun is put to use to get a bunch of ants to crash their miniature dune buggies and to draw his team's attention to Darkwing when he is the size of a bug. "Getting Antsy" Darkwing uses smog to prevent a bunch of spiders taking off with their loot. The gas gun is later half eaten by a monstrous cavewoman. "Fungus Amongus" Darkwing activates the gas gun's smog function to agitate a whale into sneezing him out. While following it and its master, Neptunia, underwater, Darkwing finds the gun to be useless in the liquid environment and is promptly captured by one of Neptunia's servants. He and Launchpad escape, and with the plunger function he steals Neptunia's trumpet, breaking it before realizing he still has need for it. "Something Fishy" Darkwing battles and defeats Ammonia Pine and Ample Grime weaponless on account of Gosalyn having recycled most of his equipment. Honker finds at least some parts of the gas gun back at the dump. "Dirtysomething" When Gosalyn wanted to take Megavolt and Quackerjack back with her to the past to undo the bad future, Darkwarrior Duck pulled a gun on her. She said that he wasn’t scared of her old gas gun, but he said that he hadn’t used it in years. A missle popped out as he thre to shoot her, but Launchpad hit him unconscious with a frying pan. Time and Punishment.