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"Fungus Amongus" is a season 2 episode. It is Morgana Macawber's first chronological appearance.


A series of supernatural pizza topping thefts leads DW to the place that is home to St. Canard's sole mushroom production - Macawber Manor. However, instead of keeping his thoughts on the case, he ends up falling for Morgana Macawber, the chair of the company Macawber Mushrooms Unlimited. Can he crack this mysterious case, or has the hero been bitten too hard by the lovebug?


Darkwing Duck is on the case about the missing food ingredients while riding on the Ratcatcher.

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"Why would bats want anchovies?
"Maybe they're worried about their cholesterol count!"
— Darkwing and Launchpad.
"Did I miss something? Where was the off ramp that said 'the twilight zone'?"
— Darkwing.
"I hate it when that happens."
— Darkwing after the door opens by itself.
"I am the terror that... flaps... in the... night?"
— Darkwing realizes he might have made a mistake.
"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the onion that stings in your eyes! I am Darkwing Duck!"
— Darkwing.
"Gee DW, sorry about your girlfriend being a fiendish, bloodsucking creature from the netherworld. Darkwing: Hey, hey, hey! - Nobody's doing any bloodsucking! She's just misguided."
— Launchpad.



  • The Twilight Zone is a 1950s/1960s and 1980s horror television series.
  • The room full of staircases and doors that lead all over the place is an adaption of 1953 lithograh Relativity.
  • Darkwing climbing Macawber Manor by means of suction cups is a reference to the cover of the July 15, 1940 The Shadow story "Gems of Doom".[1]




  • Launchpad's aviator hat is yellow when Darkwing carries him to the mushroom cage.