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The Fourth Wall is a term that refers to the metaphorical wall that separates fiction and real-world viewers. Breaking the fourth wall is a comedy device used in fictional stories in which a character uses or acknowledges the fact that they are a character in a movie or television show, and are actually aware of being such. This article lists some examples of that in the show, Darkwing Duck.

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Season 1[]

  • "Beauty and the Beet" - At the beginning of the episode, Darkwing says to the viewers: "There must be a million stories of it and I know them all. All the important ones anyway." He then tells the audience a story of the origins of Bushroot. Then, after Bushroot leaves, Darkwing informs the viewers, "Fascinating, isn't it?" Shortly after, Darkwing shows the audience how he decided to exercise his world-renowned deductive abilities. He explained how he checked the minutest details, carefully weighed all the possibilities and painstakingly examined each clue with staggering scrupulous scientific scrutiny. He also explained that little did he realized that the Bushroot scenario was heating up, and he blows out the torch just before continuing on with the story as smoke starts wafting in the air. Then, when he gets pelted with tomatoes, He remarks to the viewers, "Everybody's a critic." Finally, at the end of the episode, after the story was finished, Darkwing informs the audience, "Quite a story, eh?"
  • "Apes of Wrath" - After Darkwing tangles Major Trenchtrot up in a vine, Darkwing informs the viewers, "The ol’ falling-out-of-a-helicopter trick works every time."
  • "Dirty Money" - After Grizlikoff hits Darkwing with an explosive missile, Launchpad turns to the audience and says, "I better get a dustpan."
  • Comic Book Capers - At the end of the episode, Darkwing gets angry about the editor wanting his comic to be about a bunny instead of him. He takes the comic and storms out of the room, saying, "I'm just going to send this to Disney! I wonder if they'd make a show out of it!"
  • "Water Way to Go" - After Darkwing and Launchpad gets all tied up by Steelbeak's Eggmen, Darkwing comments to the viewers, "Something tells me this is where the plot thickens." Then, after Steelbeak's ship gets hit by lightning and disintegrates, Darkwing remarks to the audience, "Gee, and me without marshmallows."
  • "Easy Come, Easy Grows" - After Darkwing sees a bank vault walk out of the bank on its own, he informs the audience, "Now there's a new way of making a night withdrawal."
  • "Negaduck", At the end of the episode, Darkwing informs Gosalyn that he doesn't want her to tag along with him on his cases and is taking her allowance for a week. Then, when she replies, "I don't care if you do take my allowance, Dad, I'm just glad to have you back," Darkwing shrugs at the audience as Gosalyn hugs him.
  • "A Revolution in Home Appliances" - At the end of the episode, as the screen irises out, Darkwing informs the audience: "Oh, yeah. Everything is definitely back to ab-normal."
  • "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan" - At the end of the episode, Darkwing informs the audience: "I know if I was directing this thing, I'd just CUT! The end."
  • "Can't Bayou Love" - After Darkwing finds alligator footprints and pieces of Launchpad's scarf, Darkwing informs the viewers, "Either Launchpad's breaking in a new pair of alligator shoes, or he's in the clutches of that swamp shrimp." Then, after hearing Launchpad's calls for help, Darkwing remarks to the audience, "So much for the alligator shoe theory." Later, while following a trail of Launchpad's clothes that Jambalaya Jake left behind, Darkwing picks up one article of Launchpad's clothing and tells the viewers, "These must be Launchpad's." Then, when Darkwing finds a penny lying around, he tells the audience: "See a penny, pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck." Then, after Darkwing gets hit by a wrecking ball and crashes into a pile of wood, he remarks to the viewers, "I'm developing a grudging respect for Jambalaya Jake."
  • "You Sweat Your Life" - When Darkwing does his karate pose, he comments to the viewers. "I love this." Then after Herb tries to polevault his way over a fence, he lands near a guard dog. Darkwing remarks to the viewers: "Did I call that one. Ha. I did, didn't I?"
  • "Double Darkwings" -
  • "Aduckyphobia" - When Darkwing comments: "That does it! No arms of mine are gonna make a monkey out of Darkwing Duck." He suddenly takes out a banana with one of his six arms. Then, Darkwing remarks to the viewers. "Very funny."
  • "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War" - At the beginning of the episode, after Darkwing narrates: "But does that stop Darkwing Duck from doing his duty? You bet it does! Oh, I hate snow! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!", he then remarks to the viewers, "Although I do look positively stunning in fake fur." Later in the episode, when Launchpad and Darkwing decide to follow the melted gold trail, Darkwing gets out a jackhammer and informs the audience, "Never leave home without it."
  • "Whiffle While You Work" - After Darkwing kicks Quackerjack and knocks Weasel Kid out. Darkwing remarks to the viewers. "I meant to do that."
  • "Adopt-a-Con" - After Tuskernini (disguised as Megavolt) disappears, Darkwing informs the viewers, "He may have gotten away, but I know where he's going, and I know a shortcut."
  • "Toys Czar Us" - After the wind up teeth bite on the bone and explode, Darkwing remarks to the viewers. "That was no ordinary doggy bone."
  • "Up, Up and Awry" - After Megavolt becomes tired from repeatedly trying to hit Darkwing with electric bolts, Darkwing remarks to the viewers: "Let this be a lesson. Never waste electricity." Then, after every magnetized object lands on Megavolt, Darkwing informs the audience, "Talk about your magnetic personality!" Finally, at the end of the episode, after Darkwing remarks, "When was the last time you saw Darkwing Duck get a dent?", he hits Gizmoduck with a hammer. Gizmoduck retaliates in return, sending Darkwing flying onto a bookshelf. Darkwing then tells the viewers, "Don't answer that."
  • "Planet of the Capes" - After Darkwing switches to a channel, he tells the audience, "Some 'vices require particularly close attention." Then, after Darkwing overhears Comet Guy on the TV screen, Darkwing informs the viewers, "I gotta get over there before he ruins my city and my reputation!"
  • "It's a Wonderful Leaf" - As Darkwing narrates, "Once again, our courageous Christmas crusader...", he informs the audience, "That's me!" and then continues, "...searches for clues, ever watchful for the corrupt Christmas criminal." Bushroot then remarks, while using a string of lights as a lasso, "That's me!" Later, after Darkwing freezes Bushroot and handcuffs him, Darkwing turns toward the viewers and comments: "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Well, another fiendish plan nipped in the bud."
  • "Twitching Channels" - When Megavolt hugs Darkwing's leg, Darkwing comments to the audience, "This is a trick, right?" Then, after Darkwing tells Megavolt: "Get a hold of yourself! You don't want to ruin your reputation as a villain, do you?", Darkwing informs the viewers, "Or mine as a crime-fighter." Later, after Megavolt kicks Darkwing off the TV transmission antenna, Megavolt looks at the audience and says, "This is what's known as a double-cross."
  • "Twin Beaks" -After Darkwing hits a tree and passes out, he has a dream that he is flying on a star. He then informs the viewers: "Whoa! I must be dreaming! Yes, that is the perfect way to watch this subconscious mind work. Well, I'll just sit back and enjoy the show."
  • "The Incredible Bulk" - After Launchpad accidentally hit Darkwing with the growth formula after the daisy ran away, Darkwing comments to the viewers. "Yes sir. In the crime-fighting game, brawn helps. But it's brains that make the real difference."
  • "Dead Duck" - After Darkwing gets fling out and heading for a wall, he comments to the viewers. "Kids, don't try this at home."
  • "A Duck by Any Other Name" - After Tuskernini and his gang make a run for it, Darkwing remarks to the audience, "Hey, it's a piece of cake, with a little help."
  • "Quack of Ages" - At the end of the episode, after the exhausted dragon got hit by a pie and passed out, Darkwing winks at the audience.
  • "The Darkwing Squad" - After some sharks spit Darkwing out of their mouths, he informs the viewers, "Lucky for me, duck feathers tickle." Then, at the end of the episode, when Darkwing claims: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Besides, I know it was a setup the whole time," before the screen irises out, he winks at the camera and says, "Kidding."
  • "Inside Binkie's Brain" - At the beginning of the episode, after Darkwing halts Dr. Slug, the screen freezes except for Darkwing and Launchpad. Darkwing then decides to answer some mail that the kids at home had sent him. He tells the viewers: "Now many of you have written in asking questions, such as 'Dear Darkwing. What makes you the world's greatest hero? Is it your jaunting good looks? Your stance monofibre? Your dashing deeds of derring-do?'" He then says: "What is it that makes a hero? I think I have a tale to answer that question." Later throughout the episode, he tells the audience a story of how Binkie Muddlefoot became a housewife hero. Then, at the end of the episode, Darkwing notices there's another story altogether and remarks to the viewers, "Although the costumes and gadgets do make it lots more fun."
  • "The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain" - At the beginning of the episode, when Darkwing says, "But one thing remains the same," he informs the viewers, "I know all the good ones."
  • "The Quiverwing Quack" - After Quiverwing Quack and the Arrow Kid (Gosalyn and Honker) walked away. Darkwing remarks to the audience. "They grow up so quickly."
  • "Jail Bird" - Then, in the end of the episode, the four villains got their powers restored and then decides to team up against Darkwing, but luckily, Darkwing informed the viewers. "This time, I took the precaution of calling a head for backup." After he summons Launchpad and Gosalyn to catch the four villains in a net, Darkwing remarked to the viewers. "Like I always say, everyone needs a little help sometimes."
  • "Bad Luck Duck" - After Negaduck makes the hippo from Hamburger Hippo come to life and Darkwing gets his cape stuck on the back of a car trunk, he remarks to the viewers, "Okay, maybe my luck's a little bad."
  • "That Sinking Feeling" - After Darkwing tries to shoot Professor Moliarty and sees crying red smoke dust coming out, Darkwing comments to the viewers, "Tear gas."
  • "Negaduck" - In the end of the episode, Darkwing told Gosalyn that she isn't allowed to join him on his missions and is taking her allowance for a week. Gosalyn hugs him and says: "I don't care if you do take my allowance, Dad. I'm just glad to have you back." Darkwing shrugs at the audience.
  • "Fungus Amongus" - When the door opens all by itself, Darkwing informs the viewers, "I hate it when that happens!" Then, when Darkwing sees the creepy Mona Lisa picture move its eyes, he tells the audience, "Like I haven't seen this in a million movies." Later, after Darkwing mistakenly wanders into a weird staircase room, he comments to the viewers: "Obviously done with mirrors. Well, no time for this nonsense. I got a crook to catch." Then, when Darkwing falls down after retracing his steps from the weird staircase room, he informs the audience: "Intriguing architecture. I must get the name of the designer so I can hurt him. I had about had it with this house! Obviously, the pizza topping theme is trying to psyche me out." Finally, when Darkwing is about to enter another door, he remarks to the viewers, "Well, Darkwing Duck is the master of psychological warfare."
  • "Something Fishy" -
  • "Tiff of the Titans" - After Darkwing reads the machine's full name. He informs the viewers. "Of course. You already knew that."
  • "Calm a Chameleon" - When Darkwing sits in his chair set and changes into his Darkwing Duck uniform, he informs the audience: "The Darkwing Duck assertiveness training course. Read it, learn it, live it."
  • "Bad Tidings" - After reading the Flashquack message that S.H.U.S.H. sends Darkwing, he informs the audience. "Sounds like it could be urgent!"
  • "Going Nowhere Fast" - When Darkwing is speeding down the docks, he informs the viewers: "Yes, sir! At this speed, catching Negaduck will be a snap." Then, when he realizes that he's heading for the end of the docks, he tells the audience, "Aha! Looks like I ran out of road. Well, no problem." Then, when he stops short at the end of the docks, he remarks to the viewers, "Thought I wasn't going to stop in time, didn't you?" Alas, he had spoken too soon and fell in the water. Later in the episode, while Darkwing runs down the road, he tells the audience, "Negaduck will learn that there's no hiding from the sultan of speed." Then, when Darkwing runs backwards to the point where his voice gets a little squeaky, he comments to the viewers, "Whoops! Looks like I went too far back."
  • "Inherit the Wimp" - When Gosalyn informs Darkwing that heroes aren't born; they're made, Darkwing agrees and tells the viewers that he can make his ancestors heroes too. Then, at the end of the episode, after Darkwing hands Gosalyn her homework and tells her that her report is due tomorrow, Darkwing shrugs at the audience before the screen irises out.
  • "Star Crossed Circuits" - After Darkwing jumps off the Thunderquack and starts falling down, he gets out his gas gun and informs the viewers, "Fortunately, I never leave home without a few super-expanding air cushion pellets."
  • "Steerminator" - After Darkwing sends Taurus Bulba flying into a wall, Darkwing informs the audience: "Yeah, yeah! Guess that takes care of Taurus Bulba." Then, after Darkwing strikes Taurus Bulba with itching powder, Darkwing remarks to the viewers, "Scratched one bull." Finally, when Darkwing uses an umbrella to protect himself for when it rains, he tells the audience, "Sure would be a nice night for rain, don't you think?"
  • "The Frequency Fiends" - After the three Gosalyn clones refused to be part of Gosalyn's science project. Gosalyn remarks to the audience. "Whoa. Talk about the words coming back to haunt you." Then, after Megavolt flies out of his car, he remarks to the audience. "Let this be a lesson to you kids. Always wear your seatbelt." Then, at the end of the episode, the three Gosalyn clones tap on the screen and ask the viewers for a particle accelerator.
  • "Fraudcast News" - After Gosalyn (dressed like the Bugmaster) traps Darkwing and Launchpad in the net, Darkwing informs the audience: "Oh, yeah. She is definitely going through a feast." Then, at the end of the episode, when Darkwing tells Gosalyn that he's still not going to raise her allowance, Gosalyn remarks to the viewers, "Well, it was worth a shot."
  • "Clash Reunion" - After capturing the good guys, Megavolt remarks: "At last, I'll be rid of those meddling kids and their nosy dog! Whoa, wrong cartoon."