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Gosalyn using one of the Forbidden Books

The Forbidden Books are very dangerous spell books in the Library of Forbidden Spells at the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment. The Forbidden Library houses instructions to magic that comes at the cost of a soul. This is why Beelzebub has an affinity towards the academy, though he's not a welcome guest, and the Library of Forbidden Spells is closed off to nearly everyone.


The Library of Forbidden Spells, where books are kept that provide a shortcut to mastering magic, skipping on the advanced math and physical labor involved in creating potions and powders that forms the backbone of sustainable magic. The catch is that the shortcut essentially is a deal with the devil and comes at the price of a soul. While the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment maintains the library, it does not approve of the kind of magic it grants access to and works to ensure no one has access to it. Unfortunately, Beelzebub can enter the academy and gain access for himself and whomever he thinks he can trick into a deal."Hot Spells"

Known Forbidden Textbook[]

  • Magic Made Easy


"Hot Spells"