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Duck Blind - fire entity

The fire entity is a hotheaded individual quick to flame with indignation.



The fire entity appears to live inside an oil lamp inside the Hall of Invention, which would explain why it's lit past visiting hours. It can fuse with regular fire, but is weak against water.


Being an unassuming tiny flame when left in peace, the fire entity does not appear to be a bad apple. It is, however, easily angered when disturbed. With its particular brand of power, this means it also easily becomes dangerous.


The fire entity is as tall as Darkwing Duck or can at least form itself to that size. It is largely formless, possessing only limbs and a set of eyes to distinguish it as a creature.



Megavolt is robbing the Hall of Invention and Darkwing comes to stop him, but he accidentally knocks over an oil lamp. The nearby curtains catch fire and the fire spreads quickly to the rest of the museum. The fire entity singles out Darkwing. It destroys some of the ceiling's support structure, causing Darkwing to get trapped under a large piece of rubble. Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker get themselves spray bottles and hit the fire entity with three streams of water. It backs off temporarily, but long enough for the three to save Darkwing and get out. Once outside, they break the stilts of a nearby water tower, which proceeds to spill out over the museum and presumably ends the threat the fire entity poses. "Duck Blind"


  • It is not clear whether the fire entity is a character or an unusually elaborate visual gag. Either way, it pays homage to classic Disney short conventions like the 1935 short film Mickey's Fire Brigade and the 1936 short Elmer Elephant.
  • Similar fire characters had appeared in cartoons from other studios, like MGM's George and Junior cartoon ¨Red Hot Rangers¨ and Tiny Toons Adventures cartoon segment ¨When You are Hot...¨ from the Episode ¨Going Places¨.
  • The fire entity has a resemblance to the firequacker species as introduced in the 1993 game DuckTales 2.