Darkwing Duck
Writer Bruce Reid Schaeffer
Story editor Carter Crocker
Animation studio WDA Japan
Episode 67: Season 2, Episode 02
Date September 14, 1991
Production code 4308-034
That Sinking Feeling premiere Negaduck
Paraducks production The Merchant of Menace


Tuskerninni utilizes a special camera gun to pull characters directly out of the movies and into the real world. As director of a specially crafted criminal force, he takes them out on the town to do his bidding.

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Darkwing: (After being squashed into a shape resembling a beanbag) If this happened with a cartoon character he would just say 'ai, ee' or 'yah', and then resume his shape. I on the other hand am experiencing pain like you wouldn't believe.

Darkwing: I am the plot twist in the second reel!



  • The episode's title is a portmanteau of "film" and "flimflam".
  • Andy Ape and Toddler Timmy are parodies of Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • When Darkwing gets a hole sliced in his costume, he is revealed to be wearing a TaleSpin shirt.



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