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The Fearsome Five, later renamed the Fearsome Four upon Negaduck's disappearance, was most likely inspired by the Legion of Doom, and the Sinister Six of Marvel comics. The Fearsome Five were a group of Darkwing Duck's most notorious enemies who united to defeat him.

They first appeared in the two-part "Just Us Justice Ducks", then in "Life, the Negaverse and Everything", where their Negaverse counterparts, the Friendly Four (Negaduck not being a member) were introduced, later appeared as a pirate crew in "Darkwing Doubloon", then in "Jail Bird" where Negaduck double-crosses them and the remaining four briefly teamed up with Darkwing.

The team consists of:



The entire team is present in:

Quackerjack and Megavolt team up in:


Various combinations of the team show up in:

The Fearsome Four are active in:



  • Megavolt and Bushroot are part of the "main four" Darkwing Duck villains. The other two are Steelbeak and Tuskerninni. There is a little bit of fiction, such as the unproduced intro sequence that would've featured unique animation, the The Disney Afternoon comic "Club Mud: The Last Resort" and the Playmates story bits, that puts the two mutants together in this context. Like this, their cooperation is not related to the Fearsome Five.
  • Michael Bell reprised his roll as Quackerjack in the DuckTales reboot.