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Toys Czar Us - Farnsworth

Principal Farnsworth is a kind, patient, and solution-conscious person. She considers the intent and situation of the children in her care more than she does their actions, which creates an environment in which problems are solved by reaching out to the children. This doesn't necessarily mean Farnworth's ideas are always the right ones, especially if there are circumstances she's not aware of, but her heart is in the right place.

She was voiced by the late Linda Gary.



Farnsworth is the principal of the school Gosalyn Mallard, Honker Muddlefoot, and their friends attend.


Farnsworth knows what kind of influence she has over the children attending her school and works to make it a good one. Even if there's damage or harm to her own person due to a child's actions, repercussions are designed to constructively prevent repeat and not to simply punish. Farnsworth is also mindful of the state of the parents and does her best to help them help their children.


Farnsworth is a duck with beige feathers on the tall side of medium height. She has short brown hair, a small beak, and is slender of shape. She dresses in blue, simple dresses.



During a game of unauthorized indoors baseball, Gosalyn hits the ball through the window of Farnsworth's office. Farnsworth gets the ball in her face and comes outside to deal with the vandal, which she already knows to be Gosalyn because this would be the third time she's played baseball in the hallways. She calls Gosalyn into her office and later invites Drake Mallard for a parent-teacher conference. She's not mad, aware that Gosalyn means well and that Drake has a lot to manage being a single parent, but the situation as is can't continue. As such, she gives Drake a book titled The Perfect Parent for him to glean tips from to help stabilize Gosalyn's home and school life. "Toys Czar Us"


  • Farnsworth's cartoon model was also used for the Sneezemaster.