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Night of the Living Spud - Fabric King

Fabric King is a store or a chain of stores that sells a large selection of fabrics.


At least one Fabric King store exists in St. Canard.



In an effort to make a new and better-fitting dress for Posey, Bushroot goes for some non-payment shopping at the Fabric King. The robbery makes it to the news with Tom Lockjaw and through him Darkwing Duck is informed of the crime in progess. Bushroot takes the clerk captive to have someone to advice him what rolls to steal. She recommends blue over magenta upon hearing that Bushroot's bride is a potato, but Bushroot still has to think about it. Darkwing and Launchpad arrive then and Bushroot, after covering his escape with a cloud of pollen, makes a run for it without any fabric. "Night of the Living Spud"


  • The clerk recycles most of the cartoon model of Howell.