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"Evil Eye-Yi-Yi!" is the 28th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


Negaduck holds Morgana Macawber's pet mice hostage, wanting her to give him the power to scare people with just a look. As a bonus, he wants to be transported to a place with many happy people so he can test his new power immediately. Thinking quickly, Morgana agrees, promising no tricks. She gives Negaduck a blindfold to wear during the spell, which he can take off after counting to 10. He does so, only to find that Morgana has zapped him into the middle of a house of mirrors at a funfair.


  1. Negaduck
  2. Morgana Macawber
  3. Mouse familiars



  • Morgana isn't seen with mouse familiars outside this comic. Given there's three of them and she does usually have two bats named Eek and Squeak and a spider named Archie around, perhaps they are stand-ins?

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