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Eb is 100% a country boy. He's also not very bright, which makes it easy to manipulate him.



Eb is from the countryside of St. Canard and presumably lives not far from Bushroot's greenhouse.


Eb is eager to please and good-natured, but clumsy and dim too.


There is nothing known about what Eb looks like.


  • Eb exists only in the proto-script of "Night of the Living Spud"; that is, when it was still called "Howl of the Potato". His role was the same role Spike has in the finished episode. He assists Bushroot because he's unable to comprehend that the mad scientist mutant working to grow his own plant wife may just be something that warrants some questions first. Presumably, what happened is that the writers wanted to create continuity with "Beauty and the Beet" and brought back Spike as assistant at the cost of new character Eb.[1]
  • Eb shares similarities with the character Roy, who is Anna Matronic's oblivious assistant.