E. Thaddeus Rockwell is Darkwing Duck's producer in two episodes, and an egotistical, money-focused executive who obliviously abuses his aide Crosby. He's a human being, as is Crosby. In his debut in Twitching Channels, he became wealthy after he gained the ability to pick up the events in Darkwing's home dimension and turned them into a cartoon show.

In A Star Is Scorned, an out-of-continuity episode where Darkwing is both a real hero and an actor, Rockwell tried to replace Darkwing with Bushroot to save money (so he could keep it).

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  • Thaddeus Rockwell is a caricature of Tad Stones. The former has commented that he always hoped the crew would incorporate him in the show in such a way and was pleased when it happened.[1]


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