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Boom Studios 09 - Draper to Darkwing

Duck Draper is an advertisement agent. The best in St. Canard, in fact, although that doesn't mean every one of his clients goes home content.



Duck Draper is a highly successful ad man possibly in the possession of his own company.


Duck Draper is a slick, confident, and creative ad man, but he crumbles relatively easily when dealing with a volatile know-it-better.


Draper is a tall duck with white feathers and black hair. His head is slightly elongated and his beak is short but broad. He goes around dressed in a suit without shoes.


Boom! Studios comics[]

When Darkwing Duck suffers a brand crisis due to hundreds of alterdimensional selves visiting his St. Canard, Launchpad takes him to a number of advertisement agencies to clear things up to the public. The final agent they visit is Duck Draper, who comes up with an ad campaign centered on the Darkwing Duck inside each citizen. It infuriates Darkwing that he is given a concept that not only does not include him but emphasizes what he wants to be forgotten as soon as possible. He insists that he is unique and tries to demonstrate that by leaping from the window to the next building. In front of the entire ad agency team, he slips on a banana peel left by a window cleaner. "F.O.W.L. Disposition, Part 1"

Joe Books comics[]

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"F.O.W.L. Disposition, Part 1"


  • Duck Draper is based on Don Draper from the 2007 television series Mad Men. His unnamed colleagues are also based on the Mad Men cast.