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Duck Blind


Megavolt: Mmm, nice filament. (Talking to a light bulb with a squeaky voice) We are glad to see you, Megavolt. (Regular voice) Oh, thank you, little light. Would you like to live with me? (Squeaky voice) That would be very nice.

Launchpad McQuack: Now that’s one four-star wacko.

Darkwing Duck: A wacko named Megavolt. I know him only too well.

Launchpad McQuack: What makes you think he’s behind this blackout?

Darkwing Duck: Because he’s a walking electric dynamo. He gets a charge from short-circuiting cities. Now, stay here in case he volts…bolts. Slowly, the silent scourge stalks his unsuspecting adversary.

Megavolt: Oh Darkwing Duck!

Darkwing Duck: Oh Did I spoil your shopping spree, Sparky?

Megavolt: Boy, I hate when you call me that!

Darkwing Duck: Ow. Ah! Oh! Ah! Yipe! And people wonder why I wear a cape.

Megavolt: At last! I get to pull the plug on Darkwing! Oops! Looks like I got a little power outage. Happy landings, Duck.

Launchpad McQuack: Hand over those bulbs, bubby.

Megavolt: What is with you people? Can’t a guy have a hobbie?

Launchpad McQuack: Boy, this guy’s a real live wire!

Darkwing Duck: Fortunately, we have a psychological advantage.

Launchpad McQuack: Uh, because we’re sane and he’s not?

Darkwing Duck: No. Because Megavolt is afraid of me. I've sent him to the electric chair-twice! Ready? Nice touch, electromagetizing steak knives.

Launchpad McQuack: It sure impressed me!

Darkwing Duck: Maybe you’d better hang back.

Launchpad McQuack: No problem!