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"Driver's Dilemma" is the 27th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


Darkwing had been driving the RatCatcher, chasing a crook, when a police officer stopped him, and asked for his license. Darkwing was offended at the thought, and more or less explained why he shouldn't have too. For this, he winds up in jail. However, court goes his way, and he gets out pretty soon. Now all he has to do is a driving test with Percy Puddlefoot. It begins, and right away Percy has a problem with their being no seat belts in the RatCatcher, and takes note of it on his clipboard. Darkwing notices the same crooks from earlier driving a van not too far away. He chases them on the RatCatcher, with Percy taking notes of all sorts of problems along the way, such as driving on the sidewalk, passing too closely, etc. After all that, Percy agrees to give Darkwing's license back, but only under one condition: Darkwing has to pass a course in Driver's Safety Class, which involves him doing a driving simulation on the class computer. After failing, Darkwing asks how long it takes to pass. Percy says "With you Mr. Duck, who can say..".



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