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Dances with Bigfoot - Dottie Debson

Dottie Debson is the owner of Dottie Debson's Dirigible Driving School, an institute where people can learn to pilot a simple zeppelin. She usually has got a lighthearted disposition but bad students are a certified way to give her a headache, not in the least because they can end up getting her dead if things go wrong way up on cloud-level.

She is voiced by Ruth Buzzi.



Dottie's a pilot of one-man zeppelins who has put her skill to use with a lesson plan for would-be flyers. Her business is called Dottie Debson's Dirigible Driving School in full, which is reachable on telephone number 1-800-FLY-AWAY. It is to be hoped that losing a zeppelin to Gosalyn's and Honker's antics did not affect her investments too greatly.


Debson is a woman with a good sense of humor and a love of flying, which she views as a surefire escape from daily dullness. There may be a bit more air in her head than in the average person's in more than one way, but she knows what she's worth in the sky. If anything her flaw is that she doesn't suspect others, children included, to be less than they present themselves to be, which negatively affects her teaching abilities.


Dottie is a tall duck with white feathers. She goes shoeless and dresses in practical, comfortable clothes. As a pilot, she always has her aviator hat on.



After losing the Thunderquack, Gosalyn and Honker have no means to reach the Bigfoot tribe in the great Pacific Northwest. A commercial for Dottie Debson's Dirigible Driving School, which offers a free test drive, seems just what they need so they sign up. As Dottie tries to keep them on course, the two hijack the zeppelin and ditch Debson through a trapdoor. She lands safely thanks to her parachute, but it's unlikely she ever sees her aircraft again because the children abandon ship when they are on a collision course with a mountain. "Dances with Bigfoot"