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The bulk of Darkwing Duck comics originate from American companies, but there's a handful that are from European sources. None of these Disney Europe comics have ever been published in North America or even received an English translation, despite being released in a handful of countries.

There are three sources for Europe-original Darkwing Duck comics. The first is the French Le Journal de Mickey, a weekly comics magazine which first issue was released in 1934 and is still being published today. In the period 1992-1993, it published three original Darkwing Duck comics. The second is the French Disney Club, an unevenly published one-comic magazine that between 1991 and 1997 has eleven issues. Two of these were for Darkwing Duck, one being a reprint of "Brawl in the Family" in 1992 and the other being an original story that was published in 1993. The third and final source is a currently undetermined Danish magazine, which contributed five original stories between 1996 and 1999.

Darkwing Duck comics[]

Title Magazine Issue Date Story code
"Raté pour la Rentrée" Le Journal de Mickey 2098 September 4, 1992 F JM 92214B
"Trop Police pour Être Honnête" Le Journal de Mickey 2105 October 23, 1992 F JM 92219
"Méli-mélo" Le Journal de Mickey 2134 May 12, 1993 F JM 2134-1
"Règle l'Addition" Disney Club 8 November 1993 E GN 93-11
"High Voltage Villainy" ??? ??? June 13, 1996 D 93617
"Felonious Funk" ??? ??? ??? D 94007
"Something Fishy" ??? ??? ??? D 94194
"Attack of the Killer Spinach" ??? ??? January 1999 D 94195
"Spiggy's Trumpet" ??? ??? ??? D 94196

Darkwing Duck republications[]

While all USAmerican Darkwing Duck comics made it to Europe and other continents, European Darkwing Duck comics have largely failed to leave the continent. The first two Le Journal de Mickey comics have been made available in France, Germany, and Brazil, while the third is exclusive to France. "Règle l'Addition" has been published in France, Spain, and Argentinia. And two of the five Danish comics have additionally been distributed in Germany and Egypt.

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